Friday, April 9, 2010

Getting to know me.. Getting to know you..

So I thought while we wait we could play a little getting to know each other game..
How it works, I will tell you a little about me and what I do then you can leave your comments and tell me a little about you, what you do and link me to your blog so I can have a look for myself and even do some shout outs ;)

So I am a stay at home mother of one very cheeky little monkey, And wife to one very naughty little monkey. I am a sewer, scrapper and all round crafts person, I cook, I don't like to but I clean and I run my Little Snuggle Monkey on my own in my spear time.
Little Snuggle Monkey first came about when I started to make taggies, cot blankets, scrapped frames, note books and diaries along with many other things for friends, as gifts mainly and they would always tell me I should sell my products online, so here I am, giving it a go..
I can do customs, I do pre-made and I also will do semi-customs.
I love any kind of feedback good or bad as it will help me to grow :)

If there is anything else that would interest you to know about me or this little store, please feel free to contact me or make a special request :) Always happy to hear from everyone out there..

So now it's your turn.. What do you do? where are you from? what is your blog? what is your store? Tell me your story :)

Little Snuggle Monkey

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  1. Hi there Snuggle Monkey

    I am also a SAHM to 3 beautiful babies (well one is still a baby!) and one on the way. I run Made With Luff - we sell a bit of everything really and we are about to launch our nappy range.

    looking forward to keeping up with what other mummies are doing.