Wednesday, July 7, 2010

So close to 1000

We are ever so close to 1000 "likers" on facebook - so in true Little Snuggle Monkey spirit we are going to have a give away - All you need to do is get all your friends to come and join us over at LSM!
Comment on our wall "my little monkey loves to snuggle" and then have your friends that you have invited to comment on your wall post to let us know you sent them!

The winner will be the person with the most comments on their post at 9pm Friday the 8th or July 2010 (tomorrow night) and will get to make a choice of either an Elli Elephant or Raffie Giraffe along with a $10 off their next order of $20 or more as well as free post on that same order!
2 others will randomly be chosen to have $10 off their next order and 2 will get free post!!! thats FIVE prizes to be won!!!!

So get inviting!!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Winter Clothing Line

So there has been quite a request that LSM get out there and try out some winter clothing - So here we go the first of a few things to come will be out PJ/Lounge pants these will be made of either cotton or flannel and range from size 3 to 6 for the time being while I perfect my smaller size pattern. Eventually I will do smaller sizes and also branch out and possibly do adult sizes.
These will be $18 a pair as an introductory price :)

If you would like a custom pair of these pants feel free to email me at or if you would rather buy premade keep an eye out for our new store or on our facebook page and made it store :)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

FIFA World Cup - Who would have thought?

As some of you may know if you follow on Facebook, this year I have entered Funky Fabrix World cup sweep! When I entered I was set on Greece winning this year - Having a Greek background, loving the country and everything about the culture they were my pick - Who would have thought 2 days later I would be cheering on England???
Why? Because I have drawn England in the sweep therefore if I want the $50 voucher from Funky Fabrix I need to get these guys to win hehe :)

So what do we have to do to get these guys to win this World Cup???
I was thinking they could do with a theme song - Written by one of our lucky fans!
So here's the Idea, rules and best part PRIZE!

I would like you to comment below with a theme song you think is going to help England win the world cup, you can have 2 entries only, which means 2 comments only.
You must be a follower of this page to enter.
You need to leave your email at the bottom of your song/poem so you can be contacted.
It must be original.

The winner of this will get $20 to spend on anything in store or custom from Little Snuggle Monkey, as well as a button ring and IF England win the World Cup you will get to make a choice of one half yard from funky fabrics.

How awesome is that??? Wanna be in??

Get your writing hat on and start entering!

(If you can not comment below please email me at and I shall post your song for you)

Monday, June 7, 2010

Late night blog

So tonight I am sitting up late packing orders to be posted in the morning I thought I should do a blog now I am done and watching glee being that I have not yet uploaded photos of my latest customs I am wondering what can I blog about?
So I thought why not something different, something a little not Snuggle Monkey related.
So here it is (Glee inspired) What has always been your dream - What is it you have always wanted to do and either never got to do or have been there and done it, be it a job, a concert you wanted to see, or maybe a person you have always wanted to meet - did you always have a dream to be a famous actor or a singer maybe a netball player or famous soccer star, or maybe you just wanted to be a mummy or you wanted to meet someone and never thought you could - Maybe you wanted to conquer Greece or the US or maybe safari in Africa? What is it that is your dream, whatdo you want to achieve or have you achieved you always wanted?
Come on let it outshout it to the world (of those that follow LSM at least)!!

Friday, May 28, 2010


And the winners of the $10 off your next order are - Kimberley Belford & Saira Rose if you could both email me at for details :) well done and thanks to all those that entered :)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Rose bud earrings <3 what little girl or sassy mumma wouldn't want these cute little earrings in their ears?
Be post number 7 and they will be yours :)

clippie set

these cute little mini clippies could be yours if you are post number 3 :)
two snap clips one yoyo one button :)

Anotherforthe boys :)

This cute appliqued size 00 singlet could be your little man's if you can tell me what it was that I found myself collecting last week? Hint - take a look back threw my facebook post's and see if you can see a collection of something? :)

One for the boys

Does your little man love reading books?
Well how about giving him a new book mark so you never loose your page on where you are up to reading bedtime stories? Maybe daddy would like one to keep all his business sheets together?

be the first to comment below

love heart ring

Who likes this beautiful little ring?
The first person to tell me what my Favorite color is will win this one :)

good luck x


We have made 800 "likers" on facebook!!! Can you believe it? I can't!
So today I will be giving away a few freebies because I am feeling the love I need to pass it on - nnaaww

So who would like to see their little princess in these cute butterfly earings? Or maybe your a spunky mumma that needs them??

Just be the 4th person to respond here to win :)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

{Snuggly gifts for Mum}

Hello Snuggle Fans :)
I have been working away on some new items for mummy :)
I have been working on my clutches which are coming along nicely and I have quite a few in stock at the moment these will be selling for $26 + $2.50 shipping and handling :)

Ive also been working on some other bits and pieces like matching a hair tie, book mark and a bobby pin/snap clip (depending on stock) these are looking very cute if I do say so myself :) I am loving bobby pins and book marks at the moment :)

These will be available in a set that will be similar to this one.

Along with these three new items I have also been working on some cute sea shell rings.
These are fully adjustable and very cute. They will be $8 + $1.50 shipping.

Hopefully mummy can find something cute that she will love in our new store coming along soon :) (sshhh its a secret!)

Saturday, May 22, 2010

{blog giveaway}

Because I have been off line all week due to my laptop not working, I am extending this blog giveaway until Friday or this week (the 28th of May 2010) So get your entries in quick Snuggle Monkey's :)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

For mummy -

Looking for something cute for mummy?
Want to look cute and funky on a night out?
Maybe you want something cute to put your nappies in instead of a bulky nappy bag?
How about checking out our new clutch bags?!
At $26 + $2.50 post you can't go wrong x :)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

{blog giveaway}

OK so quite a few people are having trouble commenting on my blog :S
So new rules if you can not comment on my post please email me your entry to I will then post on person from the email each day onto my blog :)


Ok I think its time for another giveaway YAY I love giveaways - but don't we all?
We have reached 738 fans this week and I am very proud of this, I never would have imagined so many people would like our products.
So this week opening from the second I publish this post Friday the 14th of may 2010 till Friday the 21st of may 2010 I want you to post a reply with whit your cutest story about your little snuggle monkey - tell me something cute/sweet they have done - draw will be random and I will be giving away 2 $10 vouchers to spend on anything store wide or customised :)

So get posting and don't forget to let all your friends know ;)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


As much as it pains me to say it I will no longer be holding giveaways and comps threw my facebook page :(
More and more facebook pages are being closed down due to giveaway and I would not like to take that risk, therefore I have chosen to stop giveaways threw my page and will now do them threw twitter and my blog.
So to keep up to date with giveaways and what we are up to be sure to "follow" us on twitter and here :)
Have a lovely day everyone -

Little Snuggle Monkey

More Custom Orders

We at Little Snuggle Monkey have been very busy keeping up with orders, so between cups of tea, cupcakes and sewing I thought I would stop by and let you see a few photos of what we have been up to :)

Monday, May 3, 2010

Introducing - Soft Blocks

So they are officially here - Soft blocks that is.
These lovely soft blocks will come with 6 different fabrics either customised to you or pre made, they are 16cm squared and will be at a set price of $22. These beautiful blocks also will have a choice of a small bell inside.

To order yours today please feel free to email us at OR keep an eye on our facebook and made it stores ;)

Have a snuggle day <3

Busy Busy Busy..

We at Little Snuggle Monkey have been very busy getting all of our custom orders out to their new homes, so we have been a little distant from our blog.
Here are a few things we have been doing :)

For a beautiful little miss. More custom photos to come :)

Some new stock -

Sunday, April 11, 2010

3..2..1.. Blast off....

So the time has come for our store to launch. So we are counting down 3..2..1.. blast off and our store location will be and the opening time of our store will be... Drum roll....

Wednesday April 13th at 4.00pm.

So head on over to our store on Wednesday and check it out to see if there is anything in store you like the looks of.

Just remember if you would like a custom order email us at anytime :)

Stocking up...

So the past week or two I have been slowly making my way threw my gigantic fabric stash trying to make up my mind what I would use as stock. It was suggested to me to start with a small amount of stock by several people and then make it bigger later if need be, my problem seems to be I can not stop sewing, I am loving every minuet of it right now and every time I make something I find myself coming up with another great idea for either a new product or a way to improve an old one, or a great colors scheme. My mind is flowing with ideas at the moment, so many that I have had to take my lovely Chicken Inc. Creative and start jotting down all my ideas.

Just to show you what I have been doing and why I have had to pull out the pen and paper here are a few shots of what is coming to you at my soon to be opened Little Snuggle Monkey Made It store :)

Friday, April 9, 2010

Getting to know me.. Getting to know you..

So I thought while we wait we could play a little getting to know each other game..
How it works, I will tell you a little about me and what I do then you can leave your comments and tell me a little about you, what you do and link me to your blog so I can have a look for myself and even do some shout outs ;)

So I am a stay at home mother of one very cheeky little monkey, And wife to one very naughty little monkey. I am a sewer, scrapper and all round crafts person, I cook, I don't like to but I clean and I run my Little Snuggle Monkey on my own in my spear time.
Little Snuggle Monkey first came about when I started to make taggies, cot blankets, scrapped frames, note books and diaries along with many other things for friends, as gifts mainly and they would always tell me I should sell my products online, so here I am, giving it a go..
I can do customs, I do pre-made and I also will do semi-customs.
I love any kind of feedback good or bad as it will help me to grow :)

If there is anything else that would interest you to know about me or this little store, please feel free to contact me or make a special request :) Always happy to hear from everyone out there..

So now it's your turn.. What do you do? where are you from? what is your blog? what is your store? Tell me your story :)

Little Snuggle Monkey

Welcome :)

Welcome to Little Snuggle Monkey.
Please bear with while things get going and everything is still under construction. There will be quite a few changes going on over the next week or two while stocking is happening and so on but I will keep this blog updated so that everyone can be ready when the new Made It store is ready to go :)

All enquiries and emails will be answered shortly :)

Thanks for dropping by.

Little Snuggle Monkey