Sunday, April 11, 2010

Stocking up...

So the past week or two I have been slowly making my way threw my gigantic fabric stash trying to make up my mind what I would use as stock. It was suggested to me to start with a small amount of stock by several people and then make it bigger later if need be, my problem seems to be I can not stop sewing, I am loving every minuet of it right now and every time I make something I find myself coming up with another great idea for either a new product or a way to improve an old one, or a great colors scheme. My mind is flowing with ideas at the moment, so many that I have had to take my lovely Chicken Inc. Creative and start jotting down all my ideas.

Just to show you what I have been doing and why I have had to pull out the pen and paper here are a few shots of what is coming to you at my soon to be opened Little Snuggle Monkey Made It store :)

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