Thursday, May 13, 2010


Ok I think its time for another giveaway YAY I love giveaways - but don't we all?
We have reached 738 fans this week and I am very proud of this, I never would have imagined so many people would like our products.
So this week opening from the second I publish this post Friday the 14th of may 2010 till Friday the 21st of may 2010 I want you to post a reply with whit your cutest story about your little snuggle monkey - tell me something cute/sweet they have done - draw will be random and I will be giving away 2 $10 vouchers to spend on anything store wide or customised :)

So get posting and don't forget to let all your friends know ;)


  1. Well my little Missy decided to get into her draws and pull everything out! And I mean everything. When I caught her, she tried to put everything back in quickly and close the draw.....clapped her hands...then came over to give me a kiss and cuddle. How could I be mad with that. She is only 16months old.

  2. Both my girls are sick, meaning Madelyne is not feeding as much as she should be.
    Rather than letting my milk go to waste or diminish in quantity I pumped the excess.

    We all know how miraculously healing BM is so I decided to give some to Hannah to help with her flu. She took a sip, looked up at me with a huge grin and said "YUM!". Every sip after that got the same response :D

  3. Kimberley BelfordMay 16, 2010 at 3:35 PM

    My almost 3 yr old chloe wasn't quite sure when her baby brother came into the world.
    However now when no one is looking (she thinks), she lays up on the bed beside him and talks to him, shows him her toys.
    When he starts to cry , she rubs his lil forhead and whispers(she thinks) in his ear "its alright little man , its alright"
    (This is what I normally say to him). It is so precious to see.
    I love both my lil angels more than life :)
    Enjoy each and every moment with your loved ones !!!!!

  4. My darling 5 year old asked me to go to kinder the thursday before mothers day as they were having a special mum's day morning tea!The kids did a special dance for the mum's but my man just would not join in! When I asked him why he gave me a HUGE hug and said "I love you mummy so I don't want to dance"! It melted my heart sooo cute!! Then proudly got me a plate of food HE had made for morning tea which included vegemite fairy bread and insisted I eat it all up!! YUMMMMM