Tuesday, May 25, 2010

{Snuggly gifts for Mum}

Hello Snuggle Fans :)
I have been working away on some new items for mummy :)
I have been working on my clutches which are coming along nicely and I have quite a few in stock at the moment these will be selling for $26 + $2.50 shipping and handling :)

Ive also been working on some other bits and pieces like matching a hair tie, book mark and a bobby pin/snap clip (depending on stock) these are looking very cute if I do say so myself :) I am loving bobby pins and book marks at the moment :)

These will be available in a set that will be similar to this one.

Along with these three new items I have also been working on some cute sea shell rings.
These are fully adjustable and very cute. They will be $8 + $1.50 shipping.

Hopefully mummy can find something cute that she will love in our new store coming along soon :) (sshhh its a secret!)


  1. Oh, i love the clutches :)

  2. thank you Kezza :) they are now available as a custom or on my fb page <3