Wednesday, June 9, 2010

FIFA World Cup - Who would have thought?

As some of you may know if you follow on Facebook, this year I have entered Funky Fabrix World cup sweep! When I entered I was set on Greece winning this year - Having a Greek background, loving the country and everything about the culture they were my pick - Who would have thought 2 days later I would be cheering on England???
Why? Because I have drawn England in the sweep therefore if I want the $50 voucher from Funky Fabrix I need to get these guys to win hehe :)

So what do we have to do to get these guys to win this World Cup???
I was thinking they could do with a theme song - Written by one of our lucky fans!
So here's the Idea, rules and best part PRIZE!

I would like you to comment below with a theme song you think is going to help England win the world cup, you can have 2 entries only, which means 2 comments only.
You must be a follower of this page to enter.
You need to leave your email at the bottom of your song/poem so you can be contacted.
It must be original.

The winner of this will get $20 to spend on anything in store or custom from Little Snuggle Monkey, as well as a button ring and IF England win the World Cup you will get to make a choice of one half yard from funky fabrics.

How awesome is that??? Wanna be in??

Get your writing hat on and start entering!

(If you can not comment below please email me at and I shall post your song for you)

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