Monday, June 7, 2010

Late night blog

So tonight I am sitting up late packing orders to be posted in the morning I thought I should do a blog now I am done and watching glee being that I have not yet uploaded photos of my latest customs I am wondering what can I blog about?
So I thought why not something different, something a little not Snuggle Monkey related.
So here it is (Glee inspired) What has always been your dream - What is it you have always wanted to do and either never got to do or have been there and done it, be it a job, a concert you wanted to see, or maybe a person you have always wanted to meet - did you always have a dream to be a famous actor or a singer maybe a netball player or famous soccer star, or maybe you just wanted to be a mummy or you wanted to meet someone and never thought you could - Maybe you wanted to conquer Greece or the US or maybe safari in Africa? What is it that is your dream, whatdo you want to achieve or have you achieved you always wanted?
Come on let it outshout it to the world (of those that follow LSM at least)!!

1 comment:

  1. I had 2 dreams in high school to be a trumpet player in stage show orchestras and to be a kinder teacher! Neither happened (my poor trumpet now only gets attacked by my 5 yr old) But still wouldn't change what has happened since then!!!