Thursday, June 10, 2010

Winter Clothing Line

So there has been quite a request that LSM get out there and try out some winter clothing - So here we go the first of a few things to come will be out PJ/Lounge pants these will be made of either cotton or flannel and range from size 3 to 6 for the time being while I perfect my smaller size pattern. Eventually I will do smaller sizes and also branch out and possibly do adult sizes.
These will be $18 a pair as an introductory price :)

If you would like a custom pair of these pants feel free to email me at or if you would rather buy premade keep an eye out for our new store or on our facebook page and made it store :)

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  1. thankyou for my lovely surprise in the mail today - my daughter and I enjoyed getting everything out to play with! Will post a pic on my blog soon and swapbots flickr page :)